Screenings & Events

BAFTA East Coast screenings and events provide exclusive and very popular opportunities to participate in dozens of annual Q&A sessions with some of the industry’s leading talents, including actors, directors, writers and producers at private members only screenings. As the screening season speeds up through to the end of the year Members are presented with literally dozens of new and largely un-previewed movies which will eligible for BAFTA Awards in the following February. Members are always encouraged to attend theater screenings, which are provided by studios and distributors, as the premier movie-going experience, but for those who cannot attend all of the screenings DVDS of most titles are provided to Full members who will have to cast their ballots in the December-January voting season.

BAFTA East Coast is grateful to the many distributors, studios and PR companies for providing the screenings and DVDS.

Attendance and Late Arrivals.

Please remember to cancel early if you need to cancel your reservations. However, it is clear from records that some Members routinely cancel at the last minute or during the day of the screening when it is too late to fill the theater. When there is a Q&A this is embarassing to BEC, the distributor and to the hard working celebrities.  This is an abuse of the cancellation system and more than three in a row will also be regarded as no-shows this season.

The main intention is to make sure that everyone who wants to see a film, is able to see it. If you are not sure do not register. Empty seats in a theoretically full house will ultimately lead to our booking smaller theaters and the guest allowance will be reduced to one or less for everyone. Continued drastic drop off in registered attendances will also lead to fewer Q&As as the Screening Committee is reluctant to book talent for half full theaters.

Late Arrival is acceptable up to 10 minutes at most after the start of the screening but anyone arriving late is disruptive to the screening experience. You are requested to find a seat quickly or leave the theater. You will be asked to leave if you do not find a seat within a reasonable period of time. Consistent lateness will be categorized as a no show.

Joining the popular annual BAFTA Awards Gala -through what will be a developing slate of new events - starting in 2007 members will be witness to an array of panels, forums, breakfasts and other members-only initiatives which will cover all aspects of film, television and new media. Several new summer special events are in the planning stage as this goes to press!