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        Post configuration: to meet the requirements of the company development and management reform, with qualified management personnel, technical research and development personnel, and skilled operators and; competition for employment, establish an effective performance appraisal system, strengthen professional training, create environment to display their talent for talent development.
        Team building: pay equal attention to conduct re hiring talent, ability, performance, integrity, both inside and outside, the recognition of enterprise culture, loyalty to the company, to be creative and have both ability and political integrity, performance oriented selection system. Career development: tap the potential of staff development, staff career planning and development strategy of the company match; provide staff training and career development opportunities, so that smooth career path, achieve the person hillock match, give full scope to the talents.
        Compensation and benefits: to key positions and outstanding staff to provide with competitive salary, welfare treatment, ahead of the industry average level of salary, welfare treatment for other employees. At the same time, taking into account social, industry and company internal equity. Employee relations: people oriented, building a harmonious; respect for the work of employees and the balance of life.