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Membership in BAFTA East Coast is aimed at professionals working in the film, television or interactive industries who interrelate with or have made significant contributions to the film or television industries of Britain or Ireland.

Please be aware that a worldwide freeze on voting memberships been imposed by the organization. For more information, read the letter from former BAFTA Chairman Duncan Kenworthy. In addition, the BAFTA East Coast Board of Directors will from time to time temporarily discontinue acceptance of applications in various categories to achieve a balance in the organization and further the primary goal of promoting the achievements of the British film and television industry in New York and throughout the Eastern United States.

All prospective members must be proposed and seconded by current BAFTA East Coast members of at least one year's standing. Completed applications are reviewed by committee on a monthly basis. Please be patient during the application process as review, vetting and approvals can take up to several months. The applicant is not charged an initiation fee or membership dues until approved.

The membership year for all voting members of BAFTA East Coast runs from June 1 through May 31. For all other categories of membership, the membership year commences on the date the applicant is approved for membership, and the member retains the same renewal date for subsequent years.